Monday, 20 May 2013

Questions from previous papers

Well done for today's exam, chaps and chappettes! Only one more to go!

If you are trying to predict the question that has come up through process of elimination (which is exactly how I knew GEORGE would be on the paper today!) then here is the vital info you need on past questions. Poems in brackets are ones which were suggested for 2b part (i).

  • Even Tho’ (& Rubbish At Adultery)
  • Lines To My Grandfathers (& My Last Duchess)
  • One Flesh (& Kissing)
  • Valentine (& The Habit of Light)
Which leaves the following...
  • Sonnet 116
  • Our Love Now
  • Song For Last Year's Wife
  • Pity Me Not Because the Light of Day
  • Nettles
  • At the Border, 1979
  • 04/01/07
Make sure you know these poems like the back of your hand and plan out your three points in advance!

More to follow.

Miss D

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