Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Question Breakdown

Many of you have been asking me to go over (again!) how the exam will be broken down, so here you are...

Unseen Question - 45 mins

  • Write a 2 sentence introduction: What is the poem about? On a deeper level, what's it really about?
  • I suggest 2 paragraphs on language (minimum 2 quotes in each) - PQCDQCD is a good structure to follow!
  • Write a minimum of one paragraph on structure - This could cover rhyme, rhythm, stanza lengths, enjambment, organisation of the text...
  • Write a short conclusion - one sentence should be fine.

Question 2a - 25 to 30 mins

  • Write a 1 or 2 sentence introdiction.
  • Write 3 PQCDs
  • For an A*, add an "on the other hand" sentence to each paragraph.
  • Write a short conclusion - one sentence should be fine.

Question 2b i or ii - 30 to 35 mins

Now it is essential here that you realise that you must only answer one of the question options given to you for 2b! Either compare the two poems they give you or choose one of your own to compare with it.
  • Write a 2 sentence introduction, mentioning the two poems and what general thing they have in common
  • 3 paragraphs structured as follows:
  1. POINT about both poems
  2. QUOTE from poem 1
  3. COMMENT/DEVELOP on poem 1
  4. CONNECTIVE then QUOTE from poem 2
  5. COMMENT/DEVELOP on poem 2
  6. Then have a linking sentence which concludes how they are similar or different
  • Short conclusion at the end - Try and make a really clever comment here about what they have in common or differences.
Post any questions below!


  1. Hey Mrs :)

    What will the second question (2a) be about please?

    Tia Clarke.

    1. Hi Tia,

      Question 2a will be asking you to explain the writer's attitude to relationships in one of the Anthology poems.

      For example: Explore how the writer presents his thoughts and feelings about the death of his mother in '04.01.07'.

      Question 2b will expect you to compare a second poem to this.

      Mrs D